SIP Voip Phone Grandstream GXP-2000 Review

Grandstream voip phone

I got my first real Voip phone, the Grandstream GXP-2000 a week ago.

I have two ATA boxes to connect my old wireless phones, but I wanted to try out a real IP-phone. It’s a nice enough phone, feels a bit cheap (which it is), but I guess you can’t get everything for $100. Connecting it to my Asterisk server was a no-brainer. It has a web interface for setup, but you can do basic setup like ip-numbers from the phonepad. It’s great to have an message-waiting led on the phone. Then you just press the MSG button to listen to your voice-box messages. To enable this function, just put *97 in the field “Voice Mail UserID” in the Account page of the web setup. There’s support for up to 11 line indicators (with an additional key-module) but I think I’ll do fine with four. The only thing I haven’t got working is the Conference button, but it’s easy to just transfer the calls to a conference number. You also have 7 quick dial buttons. To configure them, just go to the web setup for the phone and enter the name and number. The sound quality is excellent. Much better than both the Linksys PAP2 and the i3 micro Vood VRG-121 box I have for my old analog phones. The speaker phone works, but isn’t fantastic. I normally just use the speaker phone while waiting for the call to go through, so for me that’s not a problem. There’s a new firmware I’ve just installed that’s supposed to make the speaker phone part work better, but I haven’t had time to test it fully. So would I recommend this phone? Yes, if you need a cheap voip phone that uses SIP I can really recommend this one.

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  1. Darrel says

    I bought a pair of these for my business partner and I. The beta firmware really changed the whole feel of using the phone. Grandstream seems to be working hard on improving this product. My partner and I plan is to setup an Asterisk box and create an office-style phone system in spite of being separated by nearly 1,000 miles. Fascinating technology…

  2. Rhousand says


    I have remote offices, one based on the US and one in Aisa. We use Asterisk@home for all call in and out of the componey.
    I feel it will work great for you and there is very little setup involved. Feel free to drop me a call if you need help with the setup.

    Ryan Housand
    Connected Computer Administration
    910 795 0317

  3. Jacken says

    I would go with the Grandstream 2000. Nice enough phone. I’m guessing that you get a nicer phone if you buy a Snome, but you have to pay more…

  4. allen says

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  5. says

    I would also chooseGXp 2000. Its a perfect phone for companies, it knows everthing that employees need. Our GXP 2000 IP phones are extensions of Ozeki Phone System XE.

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