A Quick Test of the Blogo 2 Blogging Application

Blogo 2

I decided I wanted to try a new blogging application and stumbled onto Blogo 2. After installing it I had problems at first because I could only see the first 16 pages of content on my blog. But after contacting their support, they  found out the problem (a weird character in one of my posts) and even logged in and fixed it. So my initial impression of the support for the application is very good. I just wished that the application supported Markdown and have a way of synchronising to Dropbox so I can switch between my computer and my iPad. But for quick posts like this (and if everything works because I haven’t pressed the Publish button yet) this could be a useful application. And there is sync with Evernote so that might work in a pinch.

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JPEGMini an easy way to reduce size of large photos

JPEGminiPro 400x400JPEGMini

What if you could reduce the size of all the jpeg pictures on your hard disk? Having problems sending full resolution jpeg images via email because of size restraints? Is your iPhoto library to large? Let’s face it, images is one of the things that really sucks up space on your drives. This is extra annoying if you are using a newer Mac with a SSD disk where cost is premium. Upload speed when sending emails or uploading images to the web can be slow and annoying. An application called JPEGMini claims to help you with reducing your pictures with up to five times while retaining all the quality. I got a bit curious if the team at JPEGMini and their patented image compressor really could reduce large JPEG photos without losing quality. I’ve tried the application before when I wrote my article about comparing the best jpeg compressor applications for web use. But even though JPEGMini is geared more towards large megapixel pictures, not small images usually used on web pages, my test shows that it stacks up well against the competition even on smaller pictures. Many web pages now uses images optimised for high resolution images like for Retina display and high resolution mobile devices, so the use for an image compressor is getting even more useful for web use.

But how well does JPEGMini retain quality on megapixel images in JPEG format? How much do you lose in quality by using compressing?

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