Corsair K70 Clicky PC Gaming Keyboard on a Mac

corsair k70 keyboard side 580x386

Using a Clicky PC Keyboard from Corsair on a Mac

If you have followed this blog, you probably know that I love clicky keyboards. But getting a Buckling Spring or even a Cherry MX Blue keyboard that’s made for Macintosh isn’t easy, at least not here in Sweden. So the way to go for me was to get a PC gaming keyboard.

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Squeezelite problem starting in SqueezePlug on Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi logo 150x150

SqueezePlug problem where Squeezelite refuse to start

I installed a Raspberry Pi in my livingroom as a Squeezebox music Server/Player, using a SqueezePlug[1] image. But when I tried to install the Squeezelite player, it refused to start. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, selecting another USB Audio Interface, but the problem persisted. After checking around and doing a some experimenting, I found that I could start Squeezelite manually from the terminal prompt, but if I tried to start it with the init.d or service script, it refused to start. So I started to dig around and experimented with changing the settings for Squeezelite and I found the problem…

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New MacBook Pro 15″ Retina Color Range

Spyder4 Elite Color Calibrator in box

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Mid2014 Calibrated compared to Adobe RGB 1998 A couple of days ago I got my new Spyder4 Elite Color Calibrator for color correcting monitors. After doing a calibration on both on the latest MacBook Pro 15" retina and my factory calibrated Asus PA246, I saved the comparison charts for the two […]

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