Editorial App Upload Images to WordPress Workflow

Workflow for uploading images to WordPress

I use the excellent iPad app Editorial as my preferred text editor. I want to be able to upload images directly from Editorial to WordPress, using xmlrpc, so the images ends up in the media gallery, the files in the correct folders, thumbnails made and a Markdown link with the correct URL is created. So I’ve written a workflow you can download that gives you the ability to select some text (that will be the alt text for the image), and either upload the image in the original size, or resize the width to the dimension you specify. After the image is uploaded, the Markdown image code is inserted. Another good thing is that you have the ability to name the image file, which I haven’t seen in other solutions, like in Poster App, where you get the cryptical iOS internal name of the image. Not so SEO friendly. The easiest solution was to use the wordpress_xmlrpc module, so that needs to be installed before you can use the workflow! but I’ve written a guide about how to install the module/library here. If you forget to install it beforehand, you will get this dialog box with instructions on how to install it if you start the workflow.

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Editorial App import modules with Pipista

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Importing pipista modules in Editorial

lets face it, the Editorial App is a fantastic text/Markdown editor. It’s incredibly powerful with scripting abilities. But one of the most amazing tool for a power user is the ability to write Python scripts that can do almost anything. There are a lot of modules included with Editorial, but how do you add a library if it’s not included? There is a script for Editorials sister application Pythonista, where it’s relative easy to add modules, but I couldn’t find a way to do it in Editorial. The script is called Pipista. The problem I had was that I needed to save Pipista as a .py file so I could import it in the console. But after fiddling around a bit, I found a way around it.

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SwiftKey for iOS

I’m just trying out the app SwiftKey on both my iPad and iPhone and it works very well. I can’t understand why they haven’t implemented an URL scheme though. That way you could use apps like Drafts or Editorial together with SwiftKey, and then send text to and from your favorite editor when your done. […]

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Writing With Editorial iPad App

Editorial iOS app icon

So I found a new favorite iPad text editor called Editorial. After reading Federico Viticci’s great review of Editorial on macstories.net I bought the app, because the creator Ole Zorn wrote one of my other favorite apps Pythonista. And Editorial is amazing!

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pogo Connect Stylus for iPad Review

Pogo Connect Stylus for iOS

I’ve must have gone through at least five different pens for iPad during the last couple of years. The Pogo Sketch with it’s flaky foam tip, a cheap Targus stylus that have a tendency to wear out rather quickly, rendering it useless. But when the Pogo Connect stylus by Ten One Design showed up with […]

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Problem syncing Google Apps Exchange on new iPhone

Broken Google Reader image

When trying to sync a new iPhone to my Google Apps account it seems that it’s no longer possible to use Exchange push mail, address book and calendar syncing. By signing up for their service for free I paid by letting Google rummage through my mail for later use in targeted advertising. But now they […]

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smart-TV Not So Smart


Smart TV So your thinking of buying a new TV. Naturally you must have a smart TV, just like your neighbor. But I’m here telling you that that’s stupid. And here’s my case for not going that route. Why buy a Smart-TV? So there must be a reason (except that the manufacturers of TV sets […]

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Raspberry Pi Samba Showing Wrong Size Mounted USB Disk


After setting up a SMB Samba share on my Raspberry Pi in Squeezeplug, the size of the mounted volume showed the size of the SD-card instead of the USB hard disk. To fix it, I had to change the setup for Samba.

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