Airmail updated to version 2.0

airmail2 logo 150x150

Airmail 2.0

A new version of Airmail has been released in conjunction with the new version of Mac OS X called Yosemite. It’s been redesigned to match Apples new look of the operating system and I love it. I’ve written before on my switch from Apples Mail to Airmail and what I like about it, and now there’s more to love. Here’s a list of some of the new features in Airmail 2.0:

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Fujifilm X100S My New Walkabout Camera

Fujifilm X100S

X100S Front LR hires 400x308

My New walkabout camera

I used to try to bring my Canon 5D Mark II with me wherever I went. But with the best walkabout lens, the venerable 24–70 f2.8L mounted on the camera, it became a shore just to carry the beast around. Just the lens weights 1.1 kilos and with a battery grip with dual batteries it’s a complete monster. I still use it because of the great optics and the quality when shooting with it, but I no longer use it for street photography.

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JPEGMini an easy way to reduce size of large photos

JPEGMini Pro icon image

JPEGMini What if you could reduce the size of all the jpeg pictures on your hard disk? Having problems sending full resolution jpeg images via email because of size restraints? Is your iPhoto library to large? Let’s face it, images is one of the things that really sucks up space on your drives. This is […]

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