Apple AirPort Utility Hidden Feature

Apple Airport Utility how to display more information

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While doing a Wi-Fi scan at work to get better reception and optimize the location and channel selection using NetSpot Wi-Fi Reporter, I had a problem. Our wireless network is setup with roaming, so when NetSpot Manager displays the scanned Wi-Fi device, it only shows the MAC address. So identifying an AirPort Extreme wireless router can be difficult, especially since Apple has simplified the user interface of AirPort Utility and removed a lot of information. One of them being what MAC address the AirPort unit has. So I needed a solution.

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Mac OS X Finder Missing Sidebar Shared Computer Icons

finder icon

Mac OS X Finder Sidebar Shared Computer Icons not Showing up

I started to have a problem with Mac OS X Finder where the Shared computers in the Finder window sidebar didn’t show up. I couldn’t even change the Sidebar settings in Finder Preferences. So I did some digging around and found out how I could fix it, but also how stupid I am.

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Raspberry Pi Car Audio System


My Raspberry Pi Car Audio Player A lot of people are using the excellent linux micro computer Raspberry Pi and install it in their cars. Usually they use a color screen that is touch sensitive, being able to play back video and music. But I’m only interested in high quality audio playback, being able to […]

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Dumping Disqus from my blog

Inserting Score Card Research javascript After doing some research using Google Webmaster Tools to get my images indexed, I discovered that a JavaScript called was loading without me installing it. I found out that the Disqus comment system adds it without my knowledge. That’s not ok, so I have decided to remove Disqus from […]

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