Ubuntu Server WordPress with W3 Total Cache install


Initial installation Ubuntu Server Last time I configured my web server with Ubuntu Server, I had problems finding all the instructions on what and how to install everything needed to get a WordPress blog with W3 Total Cache, CDN, Apache2 MPM Worker and fcgi working. So this is my attempt to write down the steps […]

Hosting server at blueHost vs. self hosted

Average Server Response Time

Bluehost When setting up my old blog again that’s been down for about six months, I decided to host it, instead of having my linux machine here at home. So I started looking for hosting company. And what better place than to check out the WordPress page. I’ve tried a while with another hosting company, […]

Problem changing all WordPress tables from MyISAM to InnoDB

mysql logo

All my tables in my MySQL database for my WordPress blog was in MyISAM format, but I want to change over to the more reliable and supposedly faster InnoDB. But as usual I had some problems doing the conversion.

Problem installing fcgi for Apache2 in Ubuntu Server


I’ve gone mad trying to find instructions to install fcgi on my web server for php5 and Apache2. After trying many solutions, I finally found a link to a description that got fcgi to work with Apache2. So I thought I’d share it for others having problems.

Optimize MySQL performance for speed and memory use

Jamison Judd

I found this great shell script to test your MySQL server. You need to have your MySQL server up and running a while before running the test to get valid data. With all the possible setting variations this is can be a handy tool. Get MySQL Performance tuner here.

MAMP WordPress and Error establishing a database connection


I’ve installed MAMP on my Mac to do some changes to my blog. I tried to set the WordPress wp-config.php file to connect to localhost:8889, but got an error that It could not connect to the database. After replacing localhost:8889 to it works. My quick guess is that permissions for the root user is […]

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