Clearing the Icon Services cache in Yosemite

" · Clearing the Icon Services cache in Yosemite"

After installing or updating a system to Yosemite, I have seen blank (missing) icons on several Macs. I have also seen cases where the desktop doesn’t get updated after a change to the document icons in the application itself (which happens as developers update their apps to use the new icon guidelines.)

Saving this link for later. Looks like a good thing to know.

Apple seeds OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 beta with focus on Wi-Fi, Mail and VoiceOver

"Apple seeds OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 beta with focus on Wi-Fi, Mail and VoiceOver"


Apple on Wednesday issued a new beta build of its upcoming OS X 10.10.2 maintenance update, once again asking developers to focus on Wi-Fi, Mail and VoiceOver alongside general system compatibility testing.

I hope Apple manages to fix the Wi-Fi problem that I have with MacBook Airs since upgrading to Yosemite. Constantly dropped connection and the only solution to the problem? Turn off and then on the network again. The machines worked fine before upgrading and It’s very intermittent.

Yosemite Mac OSX wifi problems

Mac OS X Yosemite was released 16th of October. Naturally I installed it on all my machines. My new work computer, a MacBook Air 13″ worked perfectly before the upgrade, but after the installation I’ve had constant problem with Wi-Fi. No problems what so ever before upgrading, so obviously something is screwed up with Yosemite. My private machine, a mid-2014 MacBook Pro Retina has no problems at all.

When searching through Apples support forum, there’s a lot of similar stories (and also a lot of noise.) it’s incredible that Apple still haven’t fixed the problem, with the network connection going down every five minutes. The only fix is to turn of wifi and turn it back on again. Incredible…

There’s an article over at medium with a possible temporary fix that I will try when I get back to work. 

Little Snitch 3 Privacy Monitor and Controller

Little Snitch Application icon

Little Snitch 3 your network connection monitor

I have a couple of applications that I always install on a new Mac. It’s the first I do after the initial setup is completed. They are the essential software I need to have installed to be productive and secure. Little Snitch by Objective Development is one of them. I’ve been using it for more than ten years now, and I wouldn’t dream of running a Mac without it installed. What Little Snitch 3 essentially does is monitor all outgoing traffic from your open applications and processes and gives you the ability to allow or deny that traffic. This is a great way of seeing what kind of information is sent from applications without your knowledge or consent. And it’s a great way of stopping traffic that “Phones home” without your explicit permission. When an application tries to send out something over the network, it gets intercepted by Little Snitch and you can then allow or deny the connection, either temporary or permanently via the dialog box that appears. So Little Snitch is always there, protecting your privacy.

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