Raspberry Pi Car Computer


I’m working on a Raspberry Pi as a music player in my car. I’m putting all my music on a SSD disk in lossless FLAC. I’ve already got hold of a 2×16 character LCD with six button from Adafruit that only uses two pins for communication with I2C. It’s easy to program and it has […]

Image Optimizer for JPEG photos – Smallest File Size

Test Image 4

There are a number of Image Optimizer applications that takes a jpeg file and reduces the size of the photo without altering the quality. But which one works best for posting images on a web site? I was curious, so I took the tools I normally use and put them through the resize photo function. […]

Uses | Day One

Day One App Icon

Uses | Day One: This is an ongoing archive of the many use cases we’ve found for ourselves and that have been reported by our users. We hope this will inspire you to think of new ways you can incorporate Day One into your workflow and daily routine. Great page of collected uses for the […]

Going Paperless With Evernote and Any Scanner On Your Mac

Photo of a stack of paper

Going paperless Tired of drowning in stacks of papers? Want to go paperless? Here’s how I moved all my documents to the cloud and cleared up a lot of the clutter at home. I used my old trusty photo scanner, because when all the old papers are scanned and achieved, I only have to scan […]

Battery Draining Applications on Macbook Pro

gfxCardStatus icon

Better battery life Macbook Pro with gfxCardStatus Update: Just installed Mac OS X 10.8.4 and now it works much better. Fantastical, Growler, Hardware Grower, Scrivener and Tweetbot now works without switching cards. Later models of Macbook Pro computers comes with dual graphics card. This makes it possible to use a low performance card when not […]

Hopper Multi-Platform Disassembler for Mac Linux Windows


Many moons ago, I used to love to use the classic disassembler MacNosy together with TMON to see how stuff was done in applications on Mac. I also used it to remove stupid copy protection like when a application I bought was keyed to one specific machine. This is back in the good old days of […]

Amazon Glacier Cloud Backup with Macintosh Using Arq 3 Backup Application

Arq 3 application icon

Being a photographer, I have a lot of pictures on my hard disks. Using a Canon 5D Mark II with it’s 23 megapixel sensor shooting in RAW doesn’t help. My main backup is two different NAS servers doing alternating TimeMachine backups every other hour, a feature added in Mountain Lion. This is great, because if […]

SD-Card is read-only in Mac Macbook Pro card reader – solved

SD card with write protection switch set in the middle photo

After getting my Raspberry Pi I used the one built-in on my Macbook Pro, but the SanDisk SDHC-card showed up as read-only in finder on my mac, and Disk Utility refused to format it. The write protection switch on the card was correctly set, so that made me a bit baffled. But it seems that […]

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